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We personally train and employ artists and creatives with a variety of styles and personalities to assure that we can cater to your needs and wants regarding artistry, products, services, budgets, all with someone that will suit your personality to make you feel at home, comfortable, and to enjoy your experience, either in studio, at your event, or on location.

Sound Track
Music & Light

Our Music and Light Entertainment Division is run by Tommy Carroll.  With more than 20 years of experience Dj-ing and Emceeing, we’ve been very lucky to partner our companies and talents.  Our DJs bring life to the party, without being the life of the party.  A blend of sentimentality, fun, love, and excitement, we work with our clients to create the perfect soundtrack to one of the most important days of your life.  Our DJs are exceptionally beneficial when hired in tandem with our Cinematographers, as they work together on the audio equipment to guarantee your vows, speeches, and day are perfectly captured in the highest quality.


We have the highest quality and well trained Cinematographers in the business.  Our cinematography team provides a high end, movie feature style capture of your day, including the options for FAA sanctioned drone footage, an entire team for multiple angles, full length features, music videos, and highlight reels.


Weddings Shot


Children Photographed


Happy Clients


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Jessica Lark

Founder of The Turning Page, Lark is a noted fine art and intimate portrait artist, whose hopeless romantic tendencies, and love of all things nostalgic led her into capturing weddings. Like all artists she can be a bit eccentric, and her team supports, problem solves, and occasionally reins her crazy ideas in. Lark is now a highly sought after educator, multi-published author, and documentarian with focus on international humanitarian aid.

Emcee | DJ | Audio Visual Expert Technician

Tommy Carroll

Carroll has over 20 years experience, and rave reviews for his skills as DJ, Emcee, and Party/Event Manager. Aside from his technical expertise, it's his natural connection to people, and ability to quickly build relationships with each client that he attributes as the key to the success with his 2 decade career. A blend of funny, romantic, sincere, and entertaining Tommy creates the perfect soundtrack to your day, and assures that the day and all events run smoothly, and according to the timeline set, that way you get to enjoy the day, stress free.

Hybrid Cinematographer and Photographer

Ted Felsberg

Ted is a positive cheerful person who loves everyone. Although he has been photographing weddings for years, he is also passionate about filming them. Whether Ted is using dramatic lighting, or simple romantic moments, he films to evoke strong emotions for the viewer. He cares so much about his couples that not only will you get amazing imagery from your wedding, but he will create a very easy, and street free experience for you too. When he isn't behind the camera, he enjoys the outdoors with his family.

Hybrid Cinematographer and Photographer

Charlotte Chen

Charlotte is at heart a story teller, that uses a camera instead of a pen. Her artistry shows a deep connection to each client, and echoes a romanticism often lost in today's world. She has a poetic nature to her demeanor and her artistry that allows her to capture the moments genuinely without disturbing the sincerity of the moment.

Hybrid Cinematographer and Photographer

Michael Hook

With an advanced education in filmmaking and cinematography, Michael aims to tell the greatest love story ever told... your love story! A true maestro when it comes to editing and filming Mike is a great addition to your wedding day team. After working on over 100 weddings Mike knows exactly how to make you feel comfortable on your big day! Some interesting facts about Michael are that he loves hot sauce, and has visited 12 countries, that is if you count the 11 at Epcot.