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The Turning Page was founded by Jessica Lark, who aside from her Artistry has always been deeply involved in Humanitarian Aid, and Philanthropic endeavors.  She has been able to use her Artistry as a method of impact, and has seeded those values into the foundation that The Turning Page was built on. We feel a great sense of responsibility to the world and those within it, that our work and artistry is done mindfully, and always with intention towards the greatest good.  We encourage you to get in touch with us regarding your charitable endeavors, and also implore you to get to know some of the causes we lend ourselves to.

We make conscientious choices in our papers for marketing and printing to impact the earth in positive ways through both recycled, recyclable materials, that those come from renewable and sustainable sources, and that we work with other companies equally conscious of their impact.  We also donate a portion of EVERY session and wedding toward humanitarian efforts in developing countries, centered on education for children, and family support for those in poverty.

We also have several Portrait Marathons with our Giving Tree Sessions, where we wave our sitting fees entirely in exchange for new, unwrapped toys which we then donate to the children’s hospital of Philadelphia.  You can see the impact you have had in the counters below.  Thank you for helping us to impact the world we live in, in such positive ways.

By allowing us to capture and tell the most important pieces of your stories, you help us to change theirs.

So Far We Have Supplied





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