The Turning Page | Nourish New York 2018
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Nourish - New York | June 7-10, 2018

A Wandering Retreat Nesting Throughout the World Hosting Respites; Focused on Artistic and Career Growth, for Nourishment of the Spirit, Mind, and Body.

This is our fifth Nourish Retreat and is located in rural New York, a few hours away from New York City. These Retreats are designed to reset your energy, invigorate your artistry, and inspire your effort towards your personal and professional goals, making it more than just a workshop. It is meant to help you reconnect to your Creative Spirit, which does not want to be confined to the cage of a single expression. Each day we will do something that Nourishes Your Mind, Your Body, Your Spirit, Your Business, and Your Art. You will be able to take the opportunity the Retreat gives you to truly reflect on what may be holding you back, or keeping you from your true potential by taking a step back, and slowing down.

With our full 4 day option, you will experience multiple aspects of our Nourish Retreat. We will have time for personal and educational shooting with multiple models, a chance for non-photography activities to Nourish your Mind and Spirit such as yoga and meditation, group discussions, one on one guidance on an aspect of your photography, business, marketing and portfolio, as well as personal time to reflect, relax and just enjoy the Retreat. We will also Nourish your Body with delicious food including a group welcome dinner on the first night, we are offering a special trip to a Secret Garden on Saturday morning, included in the Retreat price, where you will have the chance to shoot, explore, and enjoy a picnic lunch with the group.

The Retreat is being hosted at a beautiful Victorian Mansion with multiple acres of manicured outdoor space all available to explore and shoot. Each day we will do something that Nourishes Your Mind, Your Body, Your Spirit, Your Business, and Your Art.

Come be Nourished, come create, come recenter, come be with us.


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Q:  What should I bring to the workshop?
A:  Yourself, camera gear and lenses, if you like you can bring lighting equipment, bring warm and cold weather clothes, something nice to wear, and hiking, outdoor clothes, sneakers, toiletries, a notebook, laptop, portfolio, teddy bear, favorite snacks {especially if you have dietary restrictions} an open mind, and a good attitude.

Q: What skill level are these workshops geared towards?
A:  All skill levels, whether you’re a seasoned pro with 30 years experience, or just bought your first camera, this workshop will suit your needs.

Q:  Can I bring my own model?
A:  We have several models on hand available for you, but we absolutely welcome more.  If they are modeling for the workshop they’ll need to sign a model release with us for all attendees to use the images, and we will provide a discounted admission for them.  Contact us to discuss.

Q:  My partner/spouse/friend and I want to come and share a room/bed, is that possible?
A:  Absolutely.  Our availability is based per bed, so simply select one 4 day pass with the bed/suite of your choice, and the other as a 4 day pass with no lodging.

Q:  Im Vegan/Vegetarian/Have a food allergy/Dietary Restriction.  Will catering accommodate that?
A:  We definitely want to know about any Allergies and Dietary Restrictions you have, but we can not promise that our menu will accommodate every need.  We do offer plenty of vegetarian options over the course of the weekend.

Q:  Im flying in from out of town, will someone be able to pick me up at the airport?
A:  Our staff isn’t available, but we can certainly help you figure out travel arrangements.

Q:  I’ve come to a past retreat of yours, how excited are you to have me there again?!
A:  So Excited that we want to offer you a discount, drop us a line before you book!

Q: Do I have to pay the full amount up front?
A: No we have the ability to split your cost into two or three payments depending on when you book.  Contact us at for more info.

Q:  What is your refund policy?
A:  We do not allow refunds, however if circumstances prevent you from attending we will place the balance towards another retreat that has vacancy.

Q:  What if I don’t want to stay at the mansion?
A:  We are offering the the option to stay at the house with us (please see the individual listed ticket options for more details) or there are a couple other lodging options nearby: